Walking In Kent

The Padwell LogoWalkers:

The Padwell is in a prime location for walkers. The countryside surroundings provide numerous enjoyable trails. Some short and some longer for those more conditioned walkers. There are miles of footpaths and parks and open spaces you can enjoy. Here are a few website that provide routes:



This walk is a popular one amongst the locals:


 Walk 1.  (3.6 miles)

Walking Map



Start at the Padwell Arms


Directly across the road take footpath over the field until you hit a road.


Cross directly over and continue following the footpath over fields and down through woods, until you hit Mote Road.

(Ightam Mote (National Trust) is to your right if you walk down the road.)


Turn left onto Mote Road and continue for a couple of hundred yards until you see a new gravel footpath on your left going into the trees.


Follow this footpath until it hits Stone Street Road.


Cross directly over Stone Street Road (up a very steep bank) until you hit a footpath going along the ridge of the hill through the woods (under a mile)


Turn left. Follow this path until you hit Church Street.


Turn right onto church street, walk past the school and church until you see another footpath through the woods on your left.


Follow the footpath until you hit another road. Turn left down the hill, until you hit Stone Street Road. Turn left and you’ll find yourself back at the Padwell Arms.


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